Pregistration for Uchi-Con 2015 is closed!

Weather update 2015-01-31

Regardless of snow, con will be running. Our university does not believe in closing classes when it snows and we don't believe in closing cons when it snows.

Traveling: Check for updates

For those of you on public transportation, the university is generally very good about keeping pedestrian walkways clear.

That said, for those of you with traction-less shoes, consider wearing some safer footware and changing when you get to con.

There will be a bag/coat check. We will try to accommodate everyone's stuff, but if you think your prop is probably too big, please just don't bring it.

Update on food: check for updates!!

Food/Raffle update 2015-01-31

Due to unforeseen circumstances with our venue, we will not be able to offer the same menu we have in the past. This is due to many many reasons, but suffice to say we got the news today and have been working on troubleshooting since we heard about it.

In the past, we have earned all our revenue from food sales and the raffle. These are no longer viable avenues that will be available indefinitely for us to use next year.

In the meantime, for this year:

Things that we will be selling: drinks (hot, cold, etc) baked goods (CUPCAKES, brownies, scones, new: curry puffs!) pizza

Things that we would have wanted to sell but can't: chicken terriyaki curry rice balls miso soup

Please do not ask for items on the second list. We can't sell them to you or give them to you or anything of that nature. If you see staff eating them that's because we've had to cut the catering for our own staff and feed them the food instead.

Also there will be no raffle due to state law. as such, artists will no longer have to donate an item.

Pre-reg is closed! Show up to Uchicon this Saturday!!!2015-01-24

As of Ucicon 2014, we will only be offering badges to attendees who pre-register. If you choose to register day-of, you will instead receive a wristband. Both methods are, as always, free.

As for why we are making this choice, the fact of the matter is that our staff and volunteers combined only number about 40-ish people. Last year, we received 400 pre-registrations. Attendance last year was 800+. We love our attendees, but it's hard to accommodate such a drastic change in attendance. So in case anyone was wondering why we ran out of food around 1pm and were writing badge names on masking tape last year, here's your answer. We very much appreciate everyone sticking around while we try to figure out how much food to make and how to reorganize our building layouts.

As such, we're trying to create more incentives for people to pre-register. We cannot emphasize how important it is that you pre-register and sincerely hope that you will choose to do so.